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A Warm Welcome to Jhoomley– your one-stop cashless solution to shop online with your Kabaad. Nurtured from the seeds of Greentooth Technologies Pvt. Ltd, today we are a brand with a vision to reward people for caring the environment. We focus at rescuing the present and put up a better future to live in.


Our journey started with Extra Carbon with an idea to help people ‘sell their waste for cash’. The business started growing up with another entity called -'Jhoomley'. It is the brand with an idea to turn your ‘trash into cash’. Connecting Jhoomley will make people get incentives in form of points for their best practice towards Mother Nature. We consider it as a bargain where people get rewarded by discarding their non-repairable items to us.


Jhoomley is committed towards initiating a social responsible movement in order to save our planet. Our concern is to look at the waste as an important resource that can be turned useful instead of ignoring it as an environmental burden. Selling off the waste to us will earn incentives to people in form of shopping credits . Extra Carbon will reward their customers with these points. People can get their points redeemed on array of products available in Jhoomley. We offer an extensive list of products right from digital, clothing, lifestyle to appliances & services.      


Today we are here to trigger a revolutionary change in the e-commerce industry. Jhoomley wants people to celebrate every moment of their life with the finest products, price and services followed by a cause. Our user-friendly platform provides unique brands and products with best price deals. With our products, customers can connect and celebrate every occasion of their life. People can pamper themselves by buying the best quality products, getting electronics at best price scale, and enjoying discounts on home and living. All of these are followed with an attractive deal that fits all pockets.


At each step Jhoomley ensures transparency and precision to its customers. Call us today to get your recyclables picked from your place and our green super heros will be at your service.