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Why Jhoomley?

At Jhoomley, we create smart and tech-enabled waste management solutions. We care for our environment and thus we have come up to do something exceptional with our        “Sell Waste For Cash” concept. Our focus is to work on the present and give our society a better future to live in.

We believe that you can accomplish great things at Jhoomley.

 Our Work Is Challenging, Potential Is Unlimited and Rewards Are Great.


Benefits and Perks:

Joining us will open up a plethora of opportunities for the candidates to learn. Our pleasant work culture maximizes personal satisfaction and enhances your personal growth.         At Jhoomley, you will get the opportunity to learn from our mentors who will offer guidance and strengthen you to address challenges better. You can also enjoy Leave Benefits, Medical Benefits, Rewards, and other employee support services.


Businesses and Teams:

Jhoomley offers opportunities for development and learning. You get the opportunity to work with talented and experienced people across industries. We maintain a work environment that can foster true teamwork. Our experts provide several on-site opportunities to help you understand the importance of customer relationship and time management with clients.


Mission and Culture


Joining us will make you work with different clients and overcome challenges coming with numerous opportunities for you to learn. Your work will demand constant self-assessment and development, but the accolades and rewards you receive will be more than satisfying.