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Our journey started with Extra Carbon - a young company that uses a fresh and innovative approach towards solving today’s waste problems.

Our Journey

  • Incorporated in June 2013 under the name of Extra Carbon, we commenced our operation in Gurgaon. By staying associated with the societies in Gurgaon, Extra Carbon did a wonderful job in the first 3 months. The company served around 2,000 residential customers in the first go.
  • The name (Extra Carbon) itself defines the purpose of its existence in the market. The business model talks about recycling of solid waste, paper and scrap.
  • With time Extra Carbon extended the business by getting associated with more societies and expanded the same to Ludhiana where the focus was entirely on the newspaper scheme. The target was to reach the 4 different customer segments: Corporate, Hotels, Society & Residential and most importantly Jhoomley – Reward Point.
  • The idea was to set up our own plants in order to convert the wet waste into fertilizer. These plants are to be specifically located in our client’s locations or premises.

Introducing Jhoomley

  • The business grew up with the launch of Jhoomley - your one-stop online solution to Sell Waste For Cash. Being one of the easily reachable waste management service providers in India, Jhoomley is now a brand with a vision to turn your scrap into cash. Our idea is to help you dispose off your waste and become a responsible citizen.
  • Fostered by GTPL or Greentooth Technologies Pvt Ltd, Jhoomley was created with the vision to motivate people and reward them for loving the environment. To us this is a social responsible movement which has been initiated by our committed team members.
  • We encourage people to sell off their dry waste to us instead of treating it to be an environmental burden. People sell their scraps at and get incentives from These incentives are treated as points which can be utilized when buying products from Jhoomley.

 Reward to Clean The Environment

  • Customers can visit to learn about the collection process, e-waste prices and the pick-up schedule. On exchanging the scraps at their doorstep, customers receive the points to purchase products from
  • We are working to make India a Clean and a Better place to live in. It is our simplified streamline to encourage people to recycle their waste, earn points as reward and buy new items at our partner store.
  • Our strategic sourcing platform helps customers earn a good number of points. It is our network of recyclers and vendors who assist you in the process. If contributing your wastes earns you benefit and also helps you preserve the environment then why not work on it.

Future Plans

It’s 2016 and still long way to go. We have our goals all set to make Jhoomley reach the best position in the market. The rising e-waste recycling industry is looking for young companies to come up and create something out-of-the-box. We are gradually expanding and working on company’s development and growth.